6 on 6

$ 30.00 (per player)

Sun, Oct 8

Eastern Washington University

526 5th Street, Cheney

Check In: 8:00

Captain's Meeting: 8:30

Start Play: 8:45


This is a random draw 6's coed format! To secure a partner (must be opposite gender of you), you BOTH will pay an additional $5 for registration! (Registration is $30, and both secured partners would pay $35 instead). We'll do the draw the night before, so it's crucial that we have finalized players by Saturday!! We'll also have fun format surprises for y'all and donation baskets, just remember to bring yo dolla' dolla' bills!! LET'S MAKE IT RAIN!!! TIMES: *Check-in will start promptly at 8am (PLEASE BE ON TIME) *$30 per player - $5 extra PER PLAYER to make sure you have a secured partner (so you and your secured partner would both pay $35) *Check in NO LATER THAN 8:30 or cost your team 1 point per minute you're late!!!! Do NOT be late! A team means ALL 6 players! *Please register for ERVA ahead of time:, if you cannot register early online, please make sure you arrive early enough the day of to fill out paperwork and get registered at the tournament. *Captain's meeting promptly at 8:30 *First serve promptly at 8:45 - again, if you're late your team will be penalized 1 point per minute, and depending on who you're paired with, you WON'T want to upset them!! ;)


As most of you know, one of our very own, Silas Fairbanks, was in a horrific car accident on June 7th, 2017 which resulted in an amputation of his left lower leg from the shin down.
After being in the hospital for a week, accruing unimaginable hospital bills, realizing what happened after he woke up, and enduring multiple surgeries, Silas has remained one of the MOST inspirational, kind, and humourous people we know! Even while in the hospital he was cracking jokes and keeping the mood light during the hardest of times.
This is how we give back - we want to make sure Silas knows we're all here, always, and that we will do what we can to support him and his journey through full recovery! Oh, and by also helping with the bills ;) Guess that's pretty darn important! ♥ ♥

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We will provide bananas, bagels, cream cheese and peanut butter as usual (you can donate for these if you'd like, but not required). We will also have some delicious treats and Gatorade available for purchase! Bring your own H20; there are also vending machines and water fountains available!

Registration Deadline: Thu, Oct 5


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