Doing what we love, helping those we love

Our mission as a charitable organization, governed by the players, is to support individuals in the local volleyball community through fundraising and volunteer efforts that grow our sport.

Upcoming Events

Bloomsday Volleython

Sat, May 5

Valley Christian School

$ 25.00 (per player)


Reverse Coed 4's


Spike2Care would like to welcome you to our Bloomsday Volleython reverse coed fours tournament. With Bloomsday being the next day, we want to welcome the die hard volleyballers in our community to come and compete the day before Bloomsda...See more

Bloomsday Volleython Pt. 2!

Sun, May 6

Valley Christian School

$ 25.00 (per player)


Reverse Coed Fours and Skills Clinic


Spike2Care would like to welcome you to our Bloomsday Volleython Part 2! We have the gym space because it's Bloomsday and want to give you guys an opportunity to take advantage! It's Rev 4's so show up and kick butt!!

...See more

About Spike2Care

I love volleyball and I love my volleyball community. This is why I am proud to be a part of Spike2Care. We are a resource for those in need of assistance whether it be a serious medical issue or a hardship in your life that may prevent you from participating in the game you love. Running quality tournaments that are fun with unique twists and providing functional yet cool shirts and gear for purchase are just a couple of ways that we support the volleyball community and the volleyball community supports us.

Thank you for taking the time to check us out. Please browse our website, we would love to have your feedback. What kinds of tourneys or events would you participate in? What t-shirt color are you dying to have? Do you have a friend or relative that would be eligible for our assistance? If so fill out the application for funds form and send it our way!

We Spike because we Care.

- Keva Sonderen, S2C President


Spike2Care holds an average of two adult tournaments per month, plus a fun quarterly community event to involve friends and family.


This is where fashion envy is born! Jump on in, get your gear on, and get out there and play ball! Be sure to snap lots of photos because we want to see S2C gear around the world!


Spike2Care accepts applications for persons nominated within our volleyball community. Do you or someone you know need financial assistance? Submit an application today.


Volunteers Wanted: No pay, no benefits, but a huge return - it makes you feel all warm and cozy inside. Contact us now!