2nd Annual Badger-Cougar-Dingo!

6 on 6

$ 25.00 (per player)

Sun, Jan 28

Valley Christian School

10212 E 9th Ave., Spokane

Check In: 8:00 AM

Captain's Meeting: 8:30 AM

Start Play: 8:45 AM


Traditional coed 6's. 3 women and 3 men to a team. BCD players only.


Spike2Care would like to humbly welcome you to our now 2nd Annual Badger-Cougar-Dingo BCD Coed 6's tournament. In honor of the success of Spike2Care’s first ever BCD Tournament, the first BCD tournament of the year will also be the Badger-Cougar-Dingo BCD Coed 6’s. 
This will be a traditional coed tournament so that means that teams will need to have at least 3 men and 3 women. This is a BCD tournament which means that we want to have a tournament that is both safe and competitive for this side of our community, so please refrain from picking up A players. If a team has picked up an A player, the Spike2Care Tournament Committee will personally contact the team and have a conversation with them. While we strive to be as inclusive as we can be, we do also host many open tournaments that A and better level players can compete in. If the tournament committee comes to the conclusion that a player is an A level player we will ask them to either set or libero. Tournament fee is $25 per player. REGISTRATION IS NO LONGER BEING DONE ON FACEBOOK. 

As always players will need to have a USAVolleyball membership in order to play. You can go to and get one under membership services. We ask that you have your membership completed by the Thursday before the tournament. If you are late with it, we will need you to either print our a copy of your membership card or have a screen shot to bring the day of. You can purchase a day pass for $8 or get an the annual membership that lasts for a year for $40.

Bagels, cream cheese, bananas, and peanut butter will be provided for players to munch on throughout the day. We ask that you please bring your own water bottles. We also ask that you help us uphold our longstanding tradition of leaving our gym space nice and clean so that we can be invited back. We encourage you to register as soon as you can so that you can hold your spot and in the case that you need help in filling your rosters out we can better help you.

Registration Deadline: Wed, Jan 24 11:59pm

Link to Facebook Event


19/20 spots filled

BCD Division

Albus Dumbledigs - Cassandra Alarcon, Jamie Ambrose, Lindy Klaus, Derek Klaus, Vanessa Alamo, Maura Ruiz, Vanessa
Definitely Something - Mike Self, Joseph Self, Jeri Self-Merritt, Katie Bohr, John Kwak, Ayumi Mueller
Blockbusters - Vicki Weaver, Lewis Weaver, Annabelle, Kelly Dotson, Michael Marigny
DingoBerries - Jarrod Swanson, David A Therrattil, Nick Franco, Amani El-Alayli, Erika Whittaker, Emily Barker
Chillin' - Andromeda Saye, Aaron Saye, Johanna Smith, Michael McPhee, Marcus Harris, Aiko Harris
Cotton Balls - Rebecca Edwards, Joe Edwards, Tymen Grant, Mesa Grant, Tyler Cote, Kylie Booth
Nothin' But Net - Tom Powers, Mary Brown, Jen Sachtjen , Harley Dobson, Alana Holmes, Jeremy Harrison
Top Gunz - Adam Macomber, Jennifer Caul, Brandy fisher, James craig, Kiajia Loree, Ray McNamara
Sub Me Out Coach - Alexandra Collins , Alexa Block, Ajulu Taka, Carl Muglia, Sean Muglia, andy beggs
Honey Badgers - Lori Jordan, Chad leinback, samantha Nagy, Amy Fairbanks, Joe Kiger, Vic Rapez-Betty
Krista Mason - Krista Mason, Amy Turbak , Jacob Calamia, Spencer Wade, Emiri Wade
Deez Nuts - Tramy Eirls, Josh Eirls, Shawn kekahuna, Staci Albertson, Leslie kekahuna, Kevin A. Bowman
Empire spikes back - Nesha Howard, Tanya Johnson, Andraya mcgregor, Ryan Earle, Nick Czapla, Wahid Kashify
Nameless - Ryan Humphries, Isaac lanctot, Beth lanctot, Tommy Kovacs, Michael Kovacs, Catherine Gamma, Amy Barker
YtheLnot - Austin Schoonover, Timothy schad, Lindsay Dalby, Kyle M Szep, Sasha montgomery
Fierce 6 - Francisco De Artola, Melanie Lund , Kaylee Prosch, Sarah Luck, Celeste Lund, Mathew Kovacks
Tony - Tony , Ben Mcnaughten , Jordan Thomason, Hope Francis, Natalie O'Hare
Big Black Digs - Seth Schaefer , Alex Wasilewski, Alexandra Douglas, Erika Arai, Javier Aguilar, Christina Thompson
Flying high bangers - Scott Timpe, Matt Roberts, Malissa Hall, R.Kelly Soth, Cortney Tianna Schelin, Jess Reed

Free Agents

Aiyana Miller - Division: BCD
Kateari Jensen - Division: BCD
Robert Martin - Division: BCD