Brrr!! It's a Bjerring!!

2 on 2

$ 25.00 (per player)

Sun, Jan 14

Valley Christian School

10212 E 9th Ave., Spokane Valley

Check In: 8:00 AM

Captain's Meeting: 8:30 AM

Start Play: 8:45 AM


Brrr! It's a Bjerring!! is a Reverse Coed Fours tournament!


Spike 2 Care would like to present to you Brrr!! It's a Bjerring!!

This is a Reverse Coed 4's tournament, bjerring style!! Teams will consist of one male and one female. The point of a Bjerring tournament is that each team of two will be paired up with every other team of two throughout the day for Reverse Coed 4's volleyball. Tournament winners are determined at the end of the day by the most points accrued. If you have never played in a bjerring tournament, you will NOT want to miss this one, if you have played before then you already know you will not want to miss this tournament. This will be Spike2Care's first tournament of the brand new year, so grab your partner and come and ball out!!

Regular tournament details include: players must have their ERVA memberships in order to play. Players can purchase a day pass for $8 or an annual pass for $40. Bagels, bananas, cream cheese, and peanut butter will all be provided for players. We ask that you bring your own water bottles. Prizes for the winners. Registration begins at 8:00. Player's meeting at 8:30 sharp! First serve will be at 8:45. Please be on time so that everyone can hear the explanation of the rules and how the tournament will be run.

Spike2Care has found a new home for hosting tournaments at Valley Christian School. We are very exited about this partnership as it gives us the opportunity to expand our reach as far as assistance goes. Furthermore, we are exited to be able to help Valley Christian spruce up their facilities a little bit. Lastly, Valley Christian is a smoking, alcohol, and drug free campus. We ask that each of our players please refrain from having any of those substances on campus. Parking is available on the west side of the school off of Herald, it is much closer to the gyms than the front parking lot. 


Spike2Care is no longer doing registration through Facebook. Individuals who wish to register will have to register here. We appreciate everyone's willingness to accommodate our growth. Our online registration makes the registration process at tournaments much quicker and much less labor intensive.

Registration Deadline: Wed, Jan 10 11:59pm

Link to Facebook Event


41/40 spots filled

Open Division

Shawna mcbride - Shawna mcbride, Dean cornelison
butts and guts - Monica Erickson, jeff witherow
Dos Amigos - Debra Haynes, NICK BEMIS
Hei Hei - Alexandra Collins , Carl Muglia
Country music sucks. - Tim lunin, Celeste crosby
McDrew - McKenzie Wiechman , Drew Adams
Jacob Roberts - Jacob Roberts, Joni Nagy
Carolyn smith - Carolyn smith, Eric Frankson
Isaac - Beth Lanctot, Dean Cornelison
Booty brigade - Bob omlin , Lindsay dalby
Professionalz - Bethany Springer, Anas Rafie
Whit-Kids - Keenan Marianno
Amy Fairbanks - Amy Fairbanks, keith tappe
ManJar - Jarrod Swanson, Amani Elalayli
Average Joe’s - Ulysses Wario, Peyton Oules
The comebacks - Sebastian Lopez , Ana Jakovljevic
Elijah Timofeyev - Elijah Timofeyev, Miranda Timofeyev
Just the tip - Ryan Earle, Megan Bisbee
Peace Keepers - Hope Francis, David Chapman
Team Target - Sam Thoen, Tosha Nunes
TBB - Stephen Davis, Chelsey Bettinson
Javi & Becky - Javier Aguilar, Becky Moudree
Hermburger - Jared st peter, Abby Tompkins
She Carries Us - Jon Terry, Alisha Bettinson
Free Agents - Chad Leinback , Ayumi Mueller
The Ass in Assist - Jeff Spangler, Heather Zorrozua
Greenbluff Kids - Makenzie Cromer , James Story
Aj mason - Aj mason , Krista Mason
White Girl Wasted - Ashlee Bradshaw, Scotty Alexander
#squadgoals2k18 - Cody Thompson, Sasha Mitchell
D & E - Erika Whittaker, dao crosby
Solberty - Kelsey Solberg, Lionel Liberty
YoungLife - Jason Hayes, Alyssa Hinz
- Interracial Sets - - Spencer Wade, Emiri Wade
Saggy balls - Tia Pau , Dwight Pope
Erskine Arai - Lane Erskine, Erika Arai
Diggin it - Abbie Younkin, Kyle Burnett
Whoot Whoot - Matt Koons, Alexa , Alexa Block
Terrible 2 - Francisco De Artola, Melanie Lund
Killer2 - Michael Kovacks, Kaylee Prosch
Kramer/Howard - John kramer, Nesha Howard

Free Agents

Latasha Lofton - Division: Open
Amy Barker - Division: Open